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The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association

Gregg's Pit Cider & Perry
Much Marcle, Herefordshire, HR8 2NL
Tel: 01531-660687
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News from Gregg's Pit
Updated 29.10.14

New Outlets

We're pleased to announce that we have added three new outlets recently. They are Saucy Pears Drinks Company in Worcester, the Beer in Hand pub in Hereford and a wholesaler, Dragon Drinks based in Suffolk, which extends our reach to the east of England.

You can find all their details, links to websites etc. on our Outlets Page.

Buy Direct from Gregg's Pit

We are open for wholesale and retail sale/supply of our ciders and perries for consumption off the premises by appointment only from 1 April to 14 November on Thursday - Monday between 1030 -1800, and from 15 November to 31 March on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1200 - 1600.

Sales are strictly by appointment only, so please 'phone 01531 660687 or 07970 900840 before you plan to visit

Find directions to Gregg's Pit on our 'Location' Page

Big Apple Blossomtime 2015

3 - 4 May 2015, Putley Village Hall. More details:

2014 vintage & product news

Near perfect, dry and warm weather in April gave us a spectacular blossomtime and the fruit set well so we've enjoyed a super abundance of perry pears - possibly the heaviest harvest in 20 years. We started pressing Thorn perry pears on 5 September (a week earlier than any previous vintage) and soon had 1100 litres of this single variety in our fermenting vats. Aylton Red and Blakeney Red both cropped heavily, although the Blakeneys have been small, and the Gregg's Pit perry pear provided enough to make 1700 litres of our favourite blend of these three varieties. We've started pressing cider apples with 500 litres of Browns Apple, Kingston Black & Sweet Coppin over the Big Apple Harvestime weekend, 11-12 October. The late harvest perry pears (Butt & Oldfield), Dabinett and Yarlington Mill cider apples remain to complete and we'll update with full details of our 2014 vintage in December.
We still have small volumes of our draught 2013 Herefordshire perry for sale, but no cider. Our 2011 'Champagne method' Thorn - single variety bottle fermented perry has also sold out, but we have several hundred 75cl bottles of each of our 2013 'Normandy method' sparkling cider and perry.

Read the full story of our 2013 vintage here...

"You guys make the best perry in the world."

To everyone working at Gregg's Pit.

My name is Ewan Tolladay. I'm the cellar manager at the Reading Beer & Cider Festival. It is my part of my job to taste test and grade every cider and perry here with the help of the rest of the core staff.

Year on year you guys have out done yourselves for taste and consistency in both your perries and your ciders. I have to say I still have several take outs of yours in the fridge and I have loved every pint of your Thorn and Blakeney Red SV this year and the previous few. It by FAR has the best taste and depth in my opinion of any and all of the other 150+ I have tasted and I'm still enjoying it the most, I don't care WHAT the competition says. Year on year you guys have done the best perry (and often the best cider)

I have had and I always look forward to your latest work. Despite bad crops, low sugar levels etc you out do yourselves and we love you for it. My only complaint is I can't order bag in box direct for delivery! Please keep it up. I think the tasting sessions and after party would be lost without you.

Ewan (and many grateful stewards of the Reading Beer and Cider festival). All the best and keep it up!

Come Cycling Ledbury

Come Cycling Ledbury is a volunteer-run website that aims to encourage cycling in the area and promote local businesses. The website was launched in spring 2011 by the Ledbury Area Cycle Forum. It lists places to stay, places to visit and rural pubs and shops as well as cycling specific information (cycling maps, cycle shops, public transport links).

They are the people behind the 'Cider Cycling Route', leading the cycling party that visits us each year at the harvestime Big Apple event.
Visit their website HERE...